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Ecuador Camino Verde Dark Chocolate Bar 70%

Ecuador Camino Verde Dark Chocolate Bar 70%

Camino Verde is a privately owned fermentary located in Duran, just minutes outside Guayaquil, Ecuador. Owner Vicente Norero sources the organic beans on a nearby 381-hectare cocoa estate which he previously owned and managed. He puts his background in microbiology to use with his innovative approach to fermentation, using enzymes and inoculants to achieve unique and exceptional flavors in his beans.

The moment you tear open the bag, you'll inhale the deep floral aroma of this bar. The texture is fudgy and rich, giving way to deep, earthy flavors like roasted nuts and a lingering, malty finish.

Tasting Notes: fudge, toasted almond, black tea

Origin: Ecuador Camino Verde 

Ingredients: Ecuador Camino Verde cacao, organic cane sugar

Weight: 70g  

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