How We Craft Our Chocolate



Weighing + Hand Sorting 

All our beans are lovingly picked through by hand, removing any undesirable beans (over/under fermented, combined or mutated) that maybe affect the overall batch quality. 


Cacao Beans Waiting To Be Roasted


Whole Cacao Roasting 

We use double turbofan convection ovens with perforated sheets trays to give our cacao a slow & low subtle maillard reaction to keep our chocolate as true-to-bean as possible.



Double Convection Turbofan Ovens

Cracking + Winnowing 

To separate the cacao nibs from the husk we using the Aether Winnower from Chocolate Alchemy with a Champion Juicer for cracking all hooked up to a 2 hp dust collector. 


Aether Winnower + Dust Collector

Refining + Conching 

Twin Diamond 45 kg Melangers grind our cacao and organic sugar for 4 days, slowly reducing the particle sizes in the cocoa liquor for a true artisan texture while mellowing volatile organic compounds through its gentle process.



Twin Diamond Melangers

Vibrating Filtration 

It wouldn't be artisan without the need to filter out some solids that made it through the refining process, we cycle all our cocoa liquor through a Eco-Worth Vibrating Sifter with a 60 mesh screen. 


Vibrating Mesh Filter

Tempering + Vibrating + Molding 

Once our cocoa liquor has had a chance to mellow and solidify we melt it down and temper it in our Savage Bros 150 lb workstation before vibrating out any air bubbles, then onto the speed racks and into the walk-in fridge for a 20 minute cool down before demolding and packaging.


Savage Bros 150 lb Temperer